Urgent need for foster carers for Aberdeen children


ABERDEEN City Council is to use Foster Care Fortnight (Monday 13 May-Sunday 26 May 2024) to highlight the need for more foster carers.

As of April 2024, the council’s Foster Care team has:

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  • 73 households which equates to 128 foster carers being part of the council’s fostering families network.
  • 83 children and young people living with the council’s fostering families network.
  • 139 children and young people living with external fostering agencies.

Children and young people from Aberdeen are often placed across different areas of Scotland. By getting more people to become foster carers locally will mean that children will be able to remain within their local communities where they are better able to maintain important relationships.

Councillor Martin Greig, Convener of Aberdeen City Council’s Education and Children’s Services Committee, said: “I would like to acknowledge the wonderful commitment and dedication of all our foster carers who work in partnership with the Council’s Foster Care team to provide a safe and nourishing haven for children and young people in need.

“Many foster carers tell the Foster Care team that they’ve been thinking of fostering for a number of years, but were waiting for the ‘right time’. I would like to encourage anyone thinking about fostering to get in touch now. Please call or email the Foster Team as that initial first communication could lead to a lifechanging life enhancing  experience for you and the child or young person you foster.”

Councillor Jessica Mennie, Vice-Convener of the Education and Children’s Services Committee, said: “Becoming a foster carer is life changing and many of our foster carers say that it is possibly the most rewarding experience that they have had. While it can also have its challenges, the Foster Team are there to provide ongoing support to foster carers.”

A foster carer who has been fostering for 12 years said “Taking a child into your home, giving them comfort, love, boundaries and a sense of security is rewarded by trust, respect, fun and the pride of watching them flourish, realising their potential and gaining skills and confidence.”

Who can foster?

  • If you are over 21 and have the legal right to work in the UK then you can apply to foster.
  • Foster carers come from all walks of life. They can be as diverse as the children they look after.
  • Foster carers can be single, married or with a partner and be of any sexual orientation.
  • You can be a homeowner or live in rented accommodation.

Anyone interested in being a foster carer needs to have time, patience, energy and understanding to give to children. They need to be people who are nurturing, child centred and be able to understand the impact that trauma and early childhood adversities can have on a child’s development.

For more information on becoming a foster carer, types of fostering, payments for fostering and the support available can be found here.

The first step to applying to become a foster carer with Aberdeen City Council is to get in touch with the Foster Care Team via this inquiry link or telephone 01224 067604 or email [email protected].

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