Safety is the priority in Beachfront Shoreline regeneration


COUNCIL Co-leaders, Christian Allard and Ian Yuill have welcomed progress on the latest phase of the ambitious regeneration of the city’s beachfront shoreline which places safety and futureproofing at the forefront.

Councillors today approved report recommendations to refer the third phase to the authority’s budget setting and capital planning process and, pending the outcome of that, for the Chief Officer – Commercial and Procurement to complete and present the full business case to future committees.

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Councillor Allard, said: “In addition to transforming our beachfront into a world class destination once again reconnected to the city centre, we are ensuring that we protect the area from erosion and floods for decades to come while also providing a safe swimming area for local people and visitors alike.

“We also aim to make the proposed community club house in Footdee a centre for education and awareness of water safety for swimmers and surfers.”     

Co-leader Councillor Ian Yuill, said: “The effects of climate change are being felt around the globe and ensuring that we have robust coastal defences has been at the forefront of our thinking from the outset in our plans for the beachfront shoreline.”

The report highlighted the importance of coastal defences and an engineering arrangement to alter existing groynes to provide a safer opportunity for open water swimming.

Other features of the regeneration plans are a boardwalk, active travel routes, greater connectivity to the city centre via the Beach Boulevard, offering facilities for satellite facilities such as toilets, changing and shower rooms along the Esplanade and the proposed Beach Village which will also offer overnight campervan parking. 

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